Our Mission

To offer non-contractual practical services, complementary to Shell terms and conditions, to assist employees, their partners and families with the challenges of global mobility.

Our Services

    * Provide employees and their families with topical relocation information on current posting
    * Assist partners of employees with career planning for current and future postings
    * Advise on employment, professional development, volunteer and academic opportunities
    * Facilitate and organise dynamic career and cultural workshops for clients
    * Manage a network of volunteers
    * Organize social networking events for expatriates and repatriates
    * Hold a monthly Information Morning for all new arrivals
    * Produce and distribute a monthly electronic newsletter
    * Maintain a resource centre on topical issues related to expatriate and repatriate life
    * Distribute a fortnightly Randstad Employment & Study Bulletin
    * Create a comprehensive Inside Guide to living in Amsterdam
    * Liaise with local expatriate community groups and network

Our Team

Our team reflects the diversity of our expatriate community with over fifteen different nationalities and languages. 

Outpost Amsterdam

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 09:00 - 14:30
Languages: English, Dutch
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